Campus Creations/University Stationery

We are excited to launch this unique product line in 2016. We look forward to discussing it with any college or university.  Be the first to bring our products to your campus bookstore to help students and their families stay organized and provide lasting memories.

Our college calendar will keep students, parents and faculty informed of special dates, such as orientation,vacations, exam schedules and end-of-year happenings. Alumni will enjoy the beautiful photgraphic images of their alma mater as they walk down memory lane. Note cards, postcards, matted prints and stationery will be a lasting reminder of how special your college is.

Hometown Stationery

Modelled after our quintessential New England hometown of Groton, MA, our Hometown Stationery line showcases its historic buildings, beautiful scenery and recognizable landmarks that the townspeople of the community know and love. The products are sold in local gift shops and available online.

We are expanding the Hometown Stationery line and are delighted to offer it to other communities.

Please contact us if you are interested in seeing your hometown featured on our high quality products.

Personal Customization

We can take your favorite photos of family, vacations, pets, homes, life events, celebrations — you choose it, we make it! We will create a unique one-of-a kind product that makes for a great gift or personal keepsake.

For an additional cost, Creative Expressions will come to your home to take photographs of your choosing and customize them. (*)

These customizations include note cards, postcards, matted prints and a unique watermark stationery.

Feel free to contact us for samples!

(*) Availability & fees negotiable and distance depdendent.